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Beeing naughty
Beeing naughty
A lil about the naughty girl I have horny days where I prowl around my apartment like a cat in heat wanting to hump anything with a penis. Then I have days like today -- where I am just aching and yearning to be kissed and held. I want to spend hours with someone, rolling around in bed, kissing and touching and nuzzling one another. Occasionally grinding our bodies together. Feeling for warm patches of skin exposed from beneath our clothed bodies. I want that closeness, that feeling of being desired and wanted. I love to make out - kissing deeply, tongues caressing one another followed by soft, gentle kisses that move from jawline to neck to earlobe and back to the lips again. The kind of kissing that makes your mouth ache and your lips chapped. Hands on smalls of backs, on chests, on asses -- just holding each other closely. Sigh. The way a man takes your face in his hands and kisses you so romantically and intimately it makes electricity shoot through your veins, makes your nipples harden, quickens your pulse....and makes the world melt away. Would anyone like to come over and kiss me today??
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How naughty i am? hehehe

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